Fox Crew Serves Juice to Hard Drinking Devito

Before his appearance on The View, Danny Devito went on
Fox & Friends. He didn't talk about his night of drinking
with George Clooney, but the crew had sympathy glasses
of orange juice with him.

Woozy Devito Bashes Bush on The View

After a night of heaving drinking with George Clooney, Danny Devito appeared on The View.
The network censors had to jump in during his comments about President Bush. See what
you think.


Ripa vs. Rosie -- Kelly Calls View Over Homophibic Claim

Rosie raps Ripa for Clay Aiken spat. Kelly calls show to defend herself.

Seinfeld star apologizes on Letterman -- full segment


Seinfeld Star Apologizes for Outburst

Katie Couric's Awkward Show Ending

Tonight on the first East Coast feed of the CBS Evening News they had technical problems with a couple of pieces.
The final piece had no audio and they went back to Katie Couric who had to apologize. Then they ran several minutes
of credits and music. Couric had to stand there. They even went to a break and came back to more music and more of Couric standing.